One Paycheck one Lifetime

There are a lot of books written on achieving financial freedom for retirement.

The problem with how-to retirement books is that the material is packaged into an info course that requires a purchase but lacks fundamental financial discipline principles creating the potential for money woes

Refocus thought process so all of your hard-work will deliver you to a financially secure retirement. Available in both ebook and print

Beefing up the bank account

After searching for money making ideas, search results usually return very spammy suggestions. Look no further than your garage in the search for a legitimate home based business you can start with items you already own!

Beefing up the bank account offers suggestions to create streams of passive income to boost your bottom line without diving deep into your savings account

When the Grinder goes down

Learn how to diagnose, repair, or replace your garbage disposal with this simple-to-follow guide.

Before panic sets in about a service call, learn how to reset this appliance, there’s a very good chance it’s still usable.

Snap Crackle Crash the fence just Fell

Wooden fences can be problematic and very stressful to deal with.

In this new reference book, learn how to effectively remove the damaged panel and build your replacement.

Fence posts are actually simple to dig-up and replace. A must have book, order yours before the next storm wrecks havoc.


Feeding the Modern Day Caveman

Manifold Cooking is a technique using the heat of your vehicles engine to prep a warm nutritious meal while you travel.

Learn food prep techniques making food packets out of foil and the method for cooking them.

No more late night binge shopping at the closest gas station before you check into your motel. Available in both ebook and print, get your copy today


How to Build an inexpensive Movie Server for your home

Create a Home Movie Server for Movie Night! No experience required.

Having your families favorite movies on-demand just got easy!

Quickly and easily install freeware at no cost, and readily available on the net, and using this reference load all of your movies on the hard drive for easy access on movie night perfect for an old desktop computer.

One Step in front of the other Life goes on after Divorce

Facing a divorce is Never easy but reading what to expect and exploring Options helps.

this practical Guide talks about all aspects of Divorce and is Written as a guide to outline problems associated with Divorce and Solutions to help you through the most difficult days.

If you want answers but have nobody to ask, reading this self-help reference might help reduce anxiety during this difficult time

Building a Street Machine of Yesteryear the Non Turbo Reference

Take a step back in time and build an old-school street machine.

Before computer-controlled Engines, horsepower was made by what was done to the engine at the machine shop. This easy to follow guide discusses how to get more performance from your classic car.

If you have recently purchased a classic car, why not give it an old school tune.

18 Wheels and a roll of Tin-Foil over the road and eating well

Just Because you travel for work doesn’t mean you can’t eat well. follow and learn how to cook your meal as the Miles go by using your vehicle’s engine.

Clean easy prep techniques are covered in this reference as well as the cooking method.

Enjoy some personal favorites, order your copy today.

Wait! Not Yet

Laptops are unnecessarily replaced every day, with the end-user unaware of factors that cause these portable PC’s not to start.

Learn how to properly diagnose your laptop saying Hundreds of dollars with this easy to follow guide

The reason your laptop is not working may be a simple fix. Order this easy to follow reference today!

Emergency Guide to leak Repairs

Water leaks are never a pleasant thing to encounter and they are usually very costly to repair.

Learn how to repair this emergency saving yourself hundreds on the service call using this reference manual

Learn how to locate your leak, isolate the problem and methodically repair the nuisance with this easy to follow reference. A must for every new homeowner, get your copy today!

Wine on a Dime the Recipe Collection

Country wines are gaining popularity and they are simple to make. If you never developed a taste for traditional wines this is a must-read.

Making wine at home is gaining popularity and it’s a very inexpensive hobby.

Learn how to easily make homemade wine in 30 days using fruit juices available in the grocery store. Learn all the steps from start to finish

Wine on a Dime a Non Grape alternative to Fantastic Wines

Wine on a Dime is a book for someone who is not a fan of the taste of traditional wines.

Almost any fruit can be turned into wine, making it possible to create unique flavors in 30 days or less using materials purchased at your local market.

Learn all the steps from fermenting to racking to bottling. Making wine at home is a great hobby

Available in both print and ebook formats

Leaf Peeping in Colorado

Fall Colors in Colorado are Simply Spectacular. From North to South, Colors peak during the Months of September and October Making a perfect time for tourists to enjoy.

If your family likes outdoor adventures and Sunday drives this is a must read.

See one of Colorado’s best-kept secrets and be sure to pack a camera, these golden leaf backdrops are perfect for wedding announcements, graduation pictures as well as Christmas card art.

Surviving a Pandemic without going broke

With pandemic unemployment and job loss, the pandemic 2020 delivered some of the hardest times both financially and emotionally.

Learn how to navigate starting over while maintaining mental health.

Packed full of information on surviving some of the worst times this self-help reference is available multi-formats

The Practical Guide to Saving Money and getting ahead in Life

Don’t live a limited life on a single paycheck anymore. This practical guide offers tricks and advice on making the dollar stretch to help enjoy life on a limited budget

Negotiate lower rents, ask your insurance agent about deeper discounts, plus much more valuable tips and suggestions to help make the dollar stretch.


Available in multi-formats

Selling Your Crafts Online Passive Income During Extreme Times

Earn extra Income during extreme financial times monetizing your Arts and Crafts online. A great passive income idea, ecommerce stores are the new norm.

This easy-to-follow guide walks you through the steps of opening an eCommerce Store and starting your Small business.

Become a Successful Entrepreneur without the overhead of a brick and mortar storefront. Order a copy today.

Sure you can The Homeowners repair guide

Don’t let a Common Household nuisance sneak up on you anymore.

doing the repair yourself is very rewarding and this guide covers almost every household nuisance that can happen

Learn how to diagnose and repair things that break. and avoid spendy after-hours service calls.

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