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“If you have ever initiated a home improvement project, or diy project, you know how truly frustrating the experience can be when you hit a roadblock. There’s no need to be fearful or dread starting these projects anymore. With a passion to teach, I offer these ebooks based on years of experience in home repair and life.

ebook Categories include: •Do it yourself (DIY) •Self-help •Life-advice •Hobby •Passive income

In these tough financial times, it’s tough to see so many families suffering. Making the dollar stretch is a must in these uncertain times. In the bookstore, be sure to read about money savings and suggestions on trimming the budget without “going without.” negotiating techniques are critical, it never hurts to ask. The practical guide to saving money and getting ahead in life is one of the books offered that has these suggestions.

Living in a time when the cost of goods has increased exponentially, there’s never been a better time than right now to monetize your hobbies and offer them as a tangible item.

Learn how to turn hobbies to profit in one of the more popular titles in the library, Selling your crafts online, passive income during extreme times.

Photography is an excellent way to put stress on the sidelines and spend time in the great outdoors. For those that like home entertainment, don’t miss the book in our library “How to build an inexpensive movie server for your home.

On a lighter note, hobbies are very helpful in helping to unwind and relax. Our library covers hobbies the author has enjoyed over the years and as time goes forward more books will be available.

If you are a DIY enthusiast, also known as a do-it-yourselfer, and you’re interested in the satisfaction of doing things without a contractor, I invite you to follow eBooks about life.

Diy topics include •Computer repair •plumbing repair •repurposing •eCommerce business •Small business startups

With quite the eclectic collection of topics we have something for everyone here. More titles being produced be sure to follow for the latest ebook releases

If you are planning a DIY project and didn’t find the content you are looking for in the bookstore please feel free to use the contact page to send an email. The bookstore creates custom content at affordable pricing. Some of the project topics we cover include:

• Kitchen upgrades, both appliance and fixtures

•Workbench building for garages

•Replacing the toilet

•faucet replacement

•Routine seasonal maintenance

•Sprinkler System repairs

•Evaporative Cooler repairs, Startups/shutdowns

Plus much more.

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